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it away.

"However, on balance, when considering all of the relevant factors, I am satisfied that a conditional sentence will meet the principles and purposes of sentencing."

Pardu had said no one could take pleasure in Adidas Green Climacool

Dunn wrote that Jacobs has "actively" addressed the gambling addiction and is "genuinely" remorseful and wishes to make amends for the crime, although unable, so far, to make any restitution.

Dunn's written explanation was carried in The Sault Star on Wednesday in a story by Jeffrey Ougler.

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Pountney, a first time offender with a gambling addiction, had pleaded guilty and expressed remorse for the thefts, which occurred between January 2001 and February 2004.

Not an elaborate or sophisticated scheme? What does it matter how the money went missing? Surely the fact that it did is all that matters.

Describing the offence as a "large scale" fraud but not an "elaborate" or "sophisticated scheme," Dunn said:

Jacobs wasn't motivated by greed but stole to feed that addiction? What does it matter what or who she stole to feed?

"She has brought ruin and humiliation on herself. I have taken into account the impact on the victim and the fact that a breach D Rose All Shoes

The appeal court, as noted earlier, agreed.

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Or what if the theft was to feed a family?

"This was a lot more complicated and you can see how the interaction between her employment, her employer and the triggering of this illness, combined to produce this very sad event," he said referring to Jacobs' claim that she was under pressure at work.

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I'm not going to comment on Dunn's decision. I think you all will have your own take on that.

Considering she pleaded guilty to the theft of $391,000, I would say the facts are pretty well as they appeared initially. Theft is theft. Nothing complicated about it.

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2 different sentences

Considering the virtual parallel routes taken by the offenders, I found myself asking, why the disparity?

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Would a drug addict who stole that amount to feed his or her addiction be given the same out?

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of trust fraud warrants a significant denunciatory and deterrent sentence.

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But I am going to address some of her comments that she says led to her decision.

Ougler quoted Jacobs' defence lawyer Don Orazietti as saying that in some cases, such as this, the facts are "not as they appear, initially."

"I take no pleasure in saying Ms. Jacobs should go to jail, but this isn't about pleasure," assistant Crown attorney Dana Peterson said at an earlier hearing. "It is not illegal to have a gambling addiction. But it is not legal to steal to fuel that addiction."

Back in 2006, Superior Court Justice Gladys Pardu sentenced Yvonne Pountney, a bookkeeper who embezzled more than $300,000 from her employer, Savoy's Jewellers Ltd., to a 16 month jail sentence, three years probation, and a restitution order to repay the stolen money.

Like Pountney, Jacobs had a gambling problem. Like Pountney, she expressed remorse and apologized to her employer. Unlike Pountney, she will serve no time in jail.

incarcerating a 59 year old grandmother who has never been in trouble before, but compassion for Pountney must be balanced with the need to express community denunciation.

Ontario Court Justice Melanie Dunn sentenced 57 year old Cynthia Jacobs, who as an employee of the University of Algoma had defrauded the institution of $391,000 between April 2006 and October 2012, to a conditional sentence of two years less a day to be followed by three years probation.

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The 59 year old grandmother appealed the sentence, her lawyer arguing the judge didn't give appropriate weight to her mental health diagnoses and failed to consider whether a conditional sentence could be constructed to reduce the Adidas Basketball Boost Price established risk of a relapse.

The Crown was seeking jail time of 18 months, three years probation and full restitution.

"Ms. Jacobs was not motived by greed nor living a lavish lifestyle. She suffered an addiction and stole to feed that addiction. Her family relations and personal finances have been affected."

Fast forward to 2014.

But the three member appeal court ruled the sentence was appropriate, saying Pardu "clearly considered the appellant's status as a pathological gambler,'' noted the need for compassion in sentencing and "was alive to the appellant's commendable progress in therapy and the importance of ongoing treatment.''

As for a "significant denunciatory and deterrent sentence," if Dunn thinks this is one she has to be kidding herself.

She not only lowered the bar Pardu set in sentencing Pountney, she threw Adidas Basketball Shoes Wiggins

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