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Jack Roush would have never known me if it weren't for Ron Neal of Protoype Racing Engines and Ray Dillon. They were two incredibly important and influential people in my ASA success behind my family. I might (have) eventually reached NASCAR, but it would not have been as soon as I did if not for their incredible support.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

The styles are heavily influenced now by the racing, the way it is and the cars the way they are. So it's harder to see that individual style as much.

was right.

The guys I named could build their own cars, set them up, take them to the racetrack and they would go fast. You could do none of those things now. I couldn't build one of these, I couldn't set one up, I couldn't figure out how to run the sims on the computer. It's quite different, so the requirements are different now to be a successful driver than they were a long time ago.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Q: What percent of success in NASCAR has to do with the driver, what percent is the car and what percent is luck?

what my family was able to help me with.

my trophies in the dumpster. All of them. I got married and we moved seven times in the first five years. I'm going to guess by the third or fourth move, I threw them all in the dumpster because they were already broken and beat up and where was I supposed to put them? We were living in apartments, you know? And the trophies were cheap anyway, and so they didn't travel well (laughs).

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

A: It's all changed. What is required from the driver now is quite different than when Rusty (Wallace) and Alan Kulwicki and I were breaking into the sport in that era. You were required to know and understand race cars. Now you're not required to even I don't know and understand these race cars to any major degree.

But ultimately, you can't keep a good one down. I'll just use Kurt Busch for an example. A great driver can't be kept down he can be knocked down a notch or two, but you can't keep 'em from shining. And they might not win, but they certainly will shine.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Those Prototype Racing Engines were big for me at the time. Coming up, I never had any sponsorship to speak of. But not having to buy parts and engines and springs and shocks and wheels, that's the same thing as sponsorship. That's the same thing as getting checks, so we made it off the purse money and D Rose Shoes On Christmas

Mark Martin regrets throwing away trophies he earned early in his career.(Photo: Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports)

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Mark Martin climbs into his car before the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway in 2013. He had a Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero lot to do with molding me as a man and I learned a lot from him.

My wife told me: "You're going to wish you didn't do that." She Adidas All Star Purple

Q: From what you've seen, whose driving style is the most similar to yours? Does anyone remind you of yourself?

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What happened to the stuff from your pre NASCAR days?

Those were two really important people. We scalded the Late Model competition in 1980 and 1981 with the help of those guys.

PHOTOS: Mark Martin through the years

Our series of NASCAR driver interviews continues this week with Mark Martin, who is currently subbing for the injured Tony Stewart at Stewart Haas Racing.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Q: How much of your own personal memorabilia have you saved? Do you collect firesuits, helmets and diecast cars?

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Story HighlightsMark Martin says he once threw all his pre NASCAR trophies in a dumpster; he now regrets itMartin, known as a clean racer, admits he wrecked someone on purpose a few years agoThe veteran has been thinking about what life will be like after he stops driving

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A: Quite a bit. You haven't had the opportunity to see my (museum) in Batesville (Ark.), right? You should see it sometime. I've got extremely little prior to NASCAR I didn't have any place to put the stuff, and I needed every dollar to reinvest toward moving up through the ranks and all. So I don't have a lot of that, but I do have a lot since I started NASCAR racing. I've got quite a few cars and lots of uniforms.

12 Questions with Mark Martin

A: I've seen a few better versions of me (laughs). I think everybody is a little bit different, but I'd say Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth seem to have styles similar to mine or what mine was like back in the day.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero

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