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Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

15m Hilton hotel Express Star

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

of these comments is why would any company want to invest in a place that appears to have such negative, ungrateful and ignorant folk.

A report coming before city planning chiefs says the new seven storey hotel would be a focal point on one of the main routes into the city.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

So well done with your institutionalised racism. Ever seen the South Park episode where they all shouting "they took our jobs!"? If not, I think you need to.

The hotel will be marketed as a Hampton by Hilton hotel, a Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe major brand of Hilton Worldwide that has 1,800 hotels in the US and is rolling out a UK chain.

It is hoped a decision on planning permission will be made in November.

I totally agree with you it is progress and a welcome improvement to a grim part of Adidas All Star Classic

It says: "The site has the potential to create a landmark to the gateway from the Penn Road."

Frank Smith. MY MY Are you related to Enoch Powell. You post is a disgrace, racial undertones. What on earth has an asian restaurant has to do with this hotel. Secondly what evidence do you have about rat droppings in an asian restaurant and what excatly does it say about asian;s???? People like you and the negatives posts on here are a disgrace. We know Wolverhampton needs improving, we know it has gone down investment wise, but you obviously not got much intelligence to the fact that, to bring money into the city, it needs to attract people. And how is this city meant to improve on its image when we have knuckle draggers like you! Pathetic, Wolverhampton has the nucleus of a fantastic city, here are the facts:

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

The existing indoor "retail market" is an embarrassment, not because it was a bad idea when it was built but because it has long passed its demolish Adidas Boost Shoes Blue

Hopefully your nimby attitudes won put Hilton off investing here.

This is the first image of the striking 15 million Hilton hotel being lined up as the newest landmark for one of the Black Country' busiest routes.

Aside from great people, a rich multi cultural society, Wolverhampton is a beautiful City with wonderful architecture new and old( if you bothered to look ) and is the gateway to some of the most stunning countryside in England.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

Here is a massive international company investing in Wolverhampton. The building may not be to everyone taste but it striking and modern. If other companies invested with modern architecture as well it wouldn look out of place.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

town. The only thing I could think of as I read all Adidas D Rose 773 Iii Review

I am shocked at how unsupportive people are being here. Wolverhampton is a fab City I have family that come to visit from the North East regualrly who can get over how friendly and welcoming Wulfrunians are compared to the supposedly friendliest people in the UK. From Taxi drivers to strangers on the bus, shop keepers to revellers on a night out people are kind hearted here. Clearly ( and thankfully) they have never had the displeasure of meeting any of you miserable lot!

Oh my word, you lot, honestly.

A ground floor restaurant and shop space are also included in the project, which it is hoped will kickstart the multi million pound regeneration of the city's western gateway.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

No wonder the Lonely Planet says we the fifth worst city in the world if all you lot want to do is moan.

Planning permission is now being sought by Stourbridge based Cordwell Leisure Developments to demolish the 1970s built Fox Hotel and replace it.

Plans for the curved 133 bedroom development to replace the rundown Fox Hotel alongside Wolverhampton's Penn Road island have now been lodged with the city council.

Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

And as for the ignoramus below, does it really matter where the potential workers come from or what their nationality is?! Whoever they are, they will contribute to our local economy which like anywhere, is in need of a boost.

The reason "Eastern Europeans" tend to work in industries such as this is beacuse they do the jobs that native "job seekers" won do as they are arrogant enought to consider cleaning below them. If you went into a local job centre and asked one of our delightful chavvy unemployed residents to clean toilets for a living they would tell you to go forth and multiply (in not so polite language) They don want to work, they happy living off the government. (There are honest, hardworking people out there looking for work, but they few and far between)

by date. Better to get rid of its car park, knock down the building and move it somewhere else.

Ladies and gentlemen this is what we call PROGRESS. If everyone thought like the majority of you trolls we still be living in caves.

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Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

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