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Fortunately, this story has a somewhat happy ending: While some books were lost, most were saved by committed locals who risked their lives to save their culture from extremists.

3. The Etrusca Disciplina

Unlike many modern groups, Comstock's crew, the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, didn't cover their desire to crush their enemies behind platitudes. The society's seal (above) showed a police officer shoving a man into prison and another man in a top hat burning books.

11. The Works of Theodore Dreiser

Little is known about the Etruscans, a Northern Italian culture that exerted a major influence on Roman society even after their eventual conquest and absorption. Around Adidas Shoes All Stars

6. Tarikh al Sudan

9. While De Ecclesia was heavily based off of the English dissident John Wycliffe's work of the same name, it proved fiery stuff in the repressive climate of the time. Accounts differ as to whether Hus was burned on top of his works or he saw them burned on his way to the pyre.

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While relatively little known to Western audiences, for sheer impact it's hard to beat the bluntly named burning of books and burying of scholars carried out by Emperor Qin Shi Huang as he unified China. The Legalist philosophy of his regime ranks as one of the most totalitarian ever devised by human beings. The influence of the Hundred Schools of Thought was brought to a screeching halt by a relentless attempt to crush one of the most fascinating intellectual periods in history and to destroy almost every work that wasn't a technical manual.

Yes, Helen Keller. This includes The Story of My Life, along with The World I Live In and Out of the Dark.

Sappho, dubbed "the 10th muse" by the Greeks, produced some of the first work in Western culture to focus not on the violent epics of competing tribes, but on the inner life of individuals as they grappled with love, life and the world. Just the fragments of Sappho's work that have survived have fueled poets throughout the centuries it's powerful, passionate stuff but they're just a tiny, tiny fraction of the nine volumes known to ancient scholars.

10. Analects of Confucius

5. The Poems of Sappho

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When Islamist militants stormed into Timbuktu late last year, they quickly came Adidas Climacool Adv

They were wrong. Peasants and townsfolk alike rose up violently, slaughtering the officials in the Defenestration of Prague. Using early guns and innovative tactics, the Hussites proceeded to crush the five Crusades sent against Adidas Boost Ball them. While their rebellion eventually fell to infighting, for one of the first times in centuries, the Church had to negotiate a settlement rather than kill the heretics and burn their works.

And that is the key to all of these book burnings, wherever and whenever they took place: They didn't work. For all the damage done by censors, there will always be a new batch of dangerous insights to challenge them. From the printing press to the Internet, we have figured out more ways to save and spread knowledge, and thankfully there's no fire big enough to stop that.

to the city's centuries old libraries. This work, compiled by historian Abd al Sadi in the 1600s, is a history of West Africa filled with stories and legends, as well as some of the main accounts of the area's once mighty empires. It forms a key part of the region's cultural heritage but to the militants, the work and many other ancient manuscripts were just heretical kindling.

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As she's since been elevated to secular sainthood, it's forgotten by many that Keller was also a fierce radical, advocating for economic and social equality. She was also a living rebuke to the Nazis' belief that the disabled were inferior, and that made her a target for their infamous 1933 book burnings. Tyrants have tried to do that often before, and the ideas have risen up in their might and destroyed them.

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exactly stand out as a hot bed of reactionary fervor, but back in 1935, the brutal naturalism of works like Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy still made Dreiser's work a target. In Warsaw, near the home of evangelist Billy Sunday, the library trustees ordered all copies of Dreiser's works consigned to the flames.

11 Historic Book Burnings

Why? Well, burning isn't the only way to destroy books. The Romans, usually terrified of independent female literary minds, copied Sappho's works less than the Greeks. Add to that an accident of history the difficulty of the particular dialect she wrote in and their supply shrank further. and the second in 1073. Fragments of her work still emerge occasionally, and the hope for a literary miracle a mostly intact set endures.

7. The Woman Rebel and "Family Limitation"

While there are many reasons for the endurance of Confucianism, Taoism and the other traditions that survived this crackdown, chief among them was that their works best weathered the storm. The history of billions of people in Asia might be very different today if Confucianism's works were completely wiped out and Mohism, for example, instead survived.

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the same time, many other influential pagan texts also made it into the flames of the late Roman Empire, creating a major gap in our understanding of history.

Thanks to Hus and his followers, the ability of the Church to simply slaughter its ideological opponents and suppress their ideas was forever weakened. Not coincidentally, a Renaissance followed in the wake of this loosening of the Inquisitorial hand. When a small time German pastor named Martin Luther started to get crotchety, a gun shy church burned his works but let him live. Things changed very rapidly after.

Sadly, it wasn't the town's last bout with book burning. In the late 1970s, a conservative backlash also saw the local student newspaper shut down, teachers fired and copies of offending literature burned in parking lot ceremonies.

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The name Theodore Dreiser doesn't inspire the terror in mainstream society that it used to and Indiana doesn't Adidas Basketball Shoes Derrick Rose 5

2. The Works of Helen Keller

Sanger's husband served 30 days in prison, but she had the eventual victory as repeated court decisions whittled away at censorship laws.

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In the early 20th century, an epic clash between birth control advocate Margaret Sanger and politician Anthony Comstock over Sanger's informative works helped break the restrictive censorship laws that had dominated the latter part of the 19th century. Sanger intended her works first The Woman Rebel newspaper and then the pamphlet "Family Limitation" to be a blatant challenge to the Comstock Act, which barred "obscene" material from being sent through the mail. Comstock obligingly had her indicted and eventually arrested her husband. Seized copies of both Sanger's works were burned standard procedure for Comstock.

You can burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas in them have seeped through a million channels, and will continue to quicken other minds.

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