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Lincolnshire County Council believe the existing junctions and interconnecting highway are currently over capacity, especially at peak time, which leads to traffic blocking, affecting the performance of other roads in the city.

Work is expected to begin in October 2014, after funding and the extra land is fully secured, taking around nine months to complete.

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Sandi James:

3m improvements approved

and I am pleased that my continual campaigning for a number of years on the need for improvements at the Canwick Road/Hill and South Park junction is bearing fruit.

Yaz Burley:

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Main lane widths will be made wider (3.5 metres) due to extra land attained by the council, but in some areas may need to be reduced to three metres.

Between the South Park Avenue and Washingborough Road junctions, Canwick Road will be made a four lane carriageway plus a right turn lane into South Park.

Around 1.7 million of the funding will come from the Department for Transport Pinchpoint fund, a scheme which recently benefitted Newark Road.

January 9, 2014 at 2:24pm

The purchase of extra land will not affect the boundaries of the South Common or Cow Paddle areas.

Let hope it more of an than the works just undertaken for 5 months on Newark Road/Brant Road, which have improved things going out of town, but made it worse going in.

(soon to be) 4 lanes of fast moving traffic, to turn right up Canwick Road from South Park. It is already a very difficult and dangerous manoeuvre and relies upon nudging out as far as you dare into racing traffic, until some kind person takes pity and lets you out D Rose Menace 1

There will be better crossings at the Washingborough Road Junction and a longer merge lane to the south of the junction.

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Jane Rimmer:

January 8, 2014 at 3:09pm

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney said: junction is one that for many years has created congestion at various times during the day for drivers who are travelling through, into and across our city Grey Adidas Climacool Trainers

Jo Heaton:

Half of the Newark Road are a waste of money!

Cyclists and pedestrian will benefit from safer walkways and more toucan crossings.

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January 8, 2014 at 5:48pm

The scheme will improve the Canwick Road and South Park Avenue junction with an additional southbound lane on Canwick Road, longer northbound left turn land from Canwick Road and South Park Avenue, an improved right turn lane into Kingsway, and a longer westbound merge lane along South park avenue.

Plans to improve junctions along Canwick Road and South Park have been approved by Lincolnshire County Council.

It does need improvement it an accident nightmare and they frequent happen here, especially at the end of my road South Park. I hope, though, that the planners have not overlooked those of us that have to get across Adidas D Rose 7 Cny

Thank God! I just moved to Canwick and its a nightmare getting out onto the hill in peak times. Hopefully this will help!

January 8, 2014 at 10:04pm

The Lincoln Canwick Road Improvement Scheme, which will cost 3.3 million, aims to reduce congestion in Lincoln as well as support the future East West Link Road and Eastern Bypass.

across the first lane then doing the same for the second lane, with little or no view, and the same to get into the traffic going up the hill. It an awful scenario. I hope that the new scheme will provide traffic lights (perhaps proximity detection ones would make sense) at the end of South Park (or a suitable sequence of the Washingborough Road lights and South Park Avenue lights) that give us a fighting chance Adidas Boost Blue And Red of getting out without having to resort to taking stupid risks. Ah, progress!

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