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She says the needs of the students need to take president over the needs of tourism in this province.

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Urban Hall says bumping the year back has been something they've been looking at for years.

"The Saskatchewan Party government will move to have all Saskatchewan K 12 students no earlier than the Tuesday following the Labour Day weekend," said Wall.

sure we were responding to the best needs and interests of the child," said Lingenfelter.

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12 school year would start after Labour Day

past, canvassed our parents through our schools. To be honest, the parents are split almost 50 50 on whether the schools should start before Labour Day or after Labour Day," said Morrison.

Wall says a recent study by Tourism Saskatchewan shows that 60 per cent of tourism related businesses in the province say their business suffers when families leave their vacations before the Labour Day long weekend.

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School boards need to make up for late startthe school year were to begin after Labour Day, school boards in the

the year. Changing the length of Christmas and spring breaks are the other two options.

School boards not consulted

Sandi Urban Hall, president of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, says they were not consulted.

She says there is some wiggle room available in the year but these decisions would be best left to individual boards.

"We would sit down and discuss it with the school boards and the divisions then teachers to make Adidas Basketball Shoes John Wall 2017

province would need to accommodate to make up for the late start.

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"You can understand why we're disappointed and frustrated with that. School boards are the ones who are closest to home and best in a

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Brad Wall is promising to change the K 12 school year to start after Labour Day.

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Morrison says he has some concerns Adidas Boost New Shoes with the lack of consultation between the school divisions and the Saskatchewan Party.

He adds that the Premier should be responding to the needs of children rather than the needs of tourism organizations.

The Saskatchewan Party leader made the announcement in Saskatoon on Thursday, saying the change to the school year would come if his party was re elected.

Wall says his party would attempt to make the change in time for the 2012 13 school year.

"There isn't a 'one size fits all' when it comes to the school year."

"We have, in the Adidas Climacool 1 Footlocker

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Ray Morrison, Saskatoon Public School Board chair, says he sees three options. The first would be to move professional development days and have them earlier in Adidas Climacool 1 On Foot

NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter insists he is not fundamentally against Wall's announcement. However, he says he would go about it in a different way.

School boards will be able to start the school year for teachers before that with professional days if they choose.

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Both British Columbia and Manitoba start their school years on the Tuesday after Labour Day.

position to understand the impact of the school year and student learning," said Urban Hall.

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