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So now what?

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

"I think we have the opportunity to be if not the first, then among the first to deliver a real growing library of 4K content that's compelling," Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt said in a recent stop in Toronto. "It will be a little at first, then gradually increase over time."

So why do these TVs exist right now?

What is this new super duper high definition format? What does it mean for your TV viewing now and in the future? Is this the 3D TV fiasco all over again, or will this actually be something to look forward to in the coming months and years?

Current HDTV screens have a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels aka 1080p while the new 4K TVs have a resolution of roughly 4,000 by 2,000 pixels. (The 4,000 is where "4K" comes from.) Four times as many pinpoints of light and colour on the screen means a much Adidas Boost Volleyball Shoes

I'm an early adopter flush with cash. What can I watch?

For the last few weeks we've been testing out a 65 inch Samsung F9000 series Ultra HD TV ($6,199) with both regular HD content and some 4K content. It's a stunning TV with the same plethora of bells and whistles found on some of the company's non 4K displays, like voice commands, gesture control and built in apps and services. But when mated with proper 4K content, the results are impressive indeed, almost like looking through a window at a hyper real world.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

Prison has literally never looked so good.

How is it different?

But as Walt can tell you, this kind of exhilarating, intoxicating purity comes with a very high price indeed.

Nearly every major electronics manufacturer is rolling out 4K TVs as we speak, just in time for the holiday shopping season. But technophiles better have a wallet even fatter than ol' Santa himself, as these new TVs start Adidas Climacool 1 Price at around $5,000 and go up way up from there.

It's a chicken and egg scenario. If the TVs aren't available, networks and home video providers have no reason to offer 4K content. But without the content, it's tough to convince people to buy the TVs. Still, there are some folks who love being the first on the block with the latest technology. And every one of these new 4K TVs including those from Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Sharp and others is also a high end HDTV with fantastic image quality. They better be, for the price " name brand 4K TVs start at around $4,500 for a 55 inch model and go as high as the $20,000 $40,000 range for a monstrous 85 incher. As with every new technology, prices will drop dramatically over the coming months and years.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

require a fast Internet connection, and watching a lot of it will burn up data quickly. But Hunt said only a small percentage of Netflix customers in Canada have actually run afoul of their Internet data cap restrictions, even when watching current Netflix programming in 1080p HD.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

Breaking Bad fans will soon be able to watch Walter White cooking his signature product on a new kind of television screen, one that's more crystal clear pun very much intended than anything we've seen before.

Great, so I have to buy a new TV?

What is 4K Ultra HD?

Just as we're Adidas Basketball Shoes 2010

starting to get comfortable with our high definition TVs and Blu ray discs and digital streaming services, television makers now want to throw even more technology at our eyeballs with so called 4K Ultra HD, a new TV format that's looking to become the next standard in home entertainment.

Are these TVs really all that?

It's the next stage in TV and home video evolution, with a picture that's markedly clearer, crisper and more realistic than today's high definition standard. Imagine watching the movie Elysium and being able to see every tiny follicle on Matt Damon's stubbled dome, or tuning into the Netflix series House of Cards and seeing, well, every tiny pore on Kevin Spacey's balding noggin. Head fetishists, your time has come.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

While it could be a year or two before TV networks start offering programming in the new 4K Ultra HD resolution, digital streaming service Netflix plans to start wading into the 4K waters next year, beginning with their own original programming.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

But you said something about Breaking Bad?

Not at all. Right now 4K is in its infancy, just as HD was back in 1998 when the first HDTVs went on sale. It wasn't until two or three years later that TV networks started adding a significant amount of HD programming to their schedules, and the high def Blu ray format didn't become the norm until years after that. The switch will happen eventually, just not any time soon.

That said, videophiles argue the 4K difference is only apparent when you're sitting relatively close, or watching a really big screen. For cramped condos it could be great. For giant basement rec rooms, not so much.

Sony Pictures has converted several of its TV shows and movies into 4K to make them available for Sony's new FMP X1 digital media player. The lineup includes Breaking Bad, Elysium, The Amazing Spider Man, Taxi Driver and a bunch of others. The only catch is there's no word when or if this $700 device will be available in Canada. But once the content is converted to 4K, it can be offered via other means, too. And nowadays, many films and some TV shows are shot in 4K.

Which means Netflix exclusive series like the women's prison dramedy Orange is the New Black or Kevin Spacey's House of Cards could be the first 4K content that early adopters get to watch.

Unless you've got thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, there's no need to hop on the 4K train immediately. But be careful if you're at the store checking out one of these new high tech screens. All it takes is one hit and you're in danger of being hooked.

It's all a bit confusing. But hey, even Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman was able to get a handle on complicated chemical formulas with a little bit of guidance. Here's a quick primer on 4K TV, and why you shouldn't fret about the next big thing in television.

Adidas Climacool 1 Price

To be honest? Other than slideshows shot with your digital camera, almost nothing that's actually in 4K. There are eye popping demos that come with some of these TVs, but meaningful content is in short supply at the moment. None of the major North American networks have announced timelines for introducing 4K programming, and there are virtually no playback devices other than a high end home computer that can pipe 4K content to a TV. These things will all come in time, though. Meanwhile, it will be streaming services like Netflix and YouTube that will offer the first widely available 4K content.

Streaming this content will Adidas All Stars Black

clearer and sharper image.

4K TV facts you must know

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