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On average, study participants found that they were not only sleeping 10% longer than they used to, but that the quality of their sleep was improved. They reported waking up feeling more refreshed and ready for the coming day.

What Emmons found was that those who had kept a gratitude journal experienced significant psychological, physical and social benefits: a 25% improvement in overall health and wellbeing in comparison with the group focussing on what had gone wrong each day.

8 Wellbeing Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

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Here are just eight of the many ways in which mindfully practicing gratitude can improve our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others around us.

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With our current hectic lifestyles, high blood pressure has become a common problem. However, simply taking moments to focus our attention on our loved ones or friends, or on the beauty of nature, can lower blood pressure, thus taking the strain off our hearts, brains and many other parts of the body.

Cheap Adidas Basketball Shoes

Cheap Adidas Basketball Shoes

Better Sleep

When we experience sadness or depression, our energy levels slump way down. Sometimes doing the simplest of tasks can feel like running a marathon. However, people who kept a gratitude journal in Emmons study reported that their energy levels improved. Many also started exercising more. People with depression are often told that exercise will help, however this study suggests it may in fact work the other way around; that being mindful of what's good about our life plays an important role in having the energy to exercise.

Practicing daily gratitude resulted in many participants taking better care of their physical health. Mindful individuals tend to have better self control and are Adidas Shoes 2016 Basketball

Feeling Less Lonely

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People who wrote down five things they were grateful for each day became less affected by aches, pains and other physical symptoms. Over time, those who deliberately thought about what they were grateful for experienced greater attentiveness. They felt more alert and aware of life.

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just with people we know, but with other people in general. When we're mindful of positive traits and behaviours in others, we feel more supported, and that leads to us feeling more able to support others in return. When we feel safer, we become less selfish, as we no longer feel such a need to look out for our own interests above others. This leads to us feeling less lonely and isolated, as we are more able to truly connect with others.

Increased gratitude is a common result of practicing mindfulness. As we start paying more attention to our thoughts, we notice where we block ourselves from appreciating the good things in life. Say, for example, that you always used to get angry when stuck in traffic, but now when you bring your focus to where you are (rather than where you want to get to) you notice things such as the song on the radio or a beautiful scene beyond the car window. We can't feel grateful for things we don't notice, and so mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. is a Professor of Psychology at UC Davis in California, and has been studying the effects of gratitude on over 1,000 people. The participants in his study ranged in age from eight to eighty, and were Adidas Boost V2

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Reduced Blood Pressure

Taking Better Care of Health

split into two groups. One group was asked to keep a journal in which they were to write five 'gifts' that they were grateful for each day, while the other group had to write down five 'hassles'. Some examples of the 'gifts' people noted were generosity of friends, and watching a sunset through the clouds. Examples of 'hassles' were things like difficulty in finding a parking space, and burning their dinner.

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less impulsive, in many areas of life, including eating habits. It's important to note, however, that gratitude isn't about denying what's wrong; solely acknowledging the positive and avoiding the negative can do us much psychological harm. But noticing good things, when and where they exist, takes us out of seeing the world as just being a bad place where bad things happen. In truth, life contains both good and bad, but mindful gratitude helps us appreciate those lovely moments in life, whilst at the same time enabling us to make more of those lovely moments Cheap Adidas Basketball Shoes for others.

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Fewer Physical Symptoms

Gratitude strengthens relationships, not Adidas Adizero Ghost Basketball Shoes Womens

Greater Energy Levels

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