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Clark and Brittney say Clark D Rose 7 White On Feet was at work on a ladder in a freezer room when he fell. He was found unconscious about an hour later by another worker. At the emergency room he was conscious but could not move his neck. After about six hours he was sent home with a neck brace that he would wear full time for the next month.

Clark says he remembers what he had for dinner that night ramen noodles and a grilled cheese sandwich. He went back to work about a week later.

D Rose 7 White On Feet

D Rose 7 White On Feet

14 for Shelby County man after concussion

"One day he said, 'I don't remember my afternoon. I don't remember a four hour span,'" said Brittney.

"As we were talking on the phone," said Mims, "I said, 'Brittney, what's that noise?' She said, 'He's honking his horn with his key, to try to find his car.'"

a week in March and stayed with Clark and Brittney.

Brittney told her mom, Kim Mims, about the forgetfulness.

head on Feb. 13, the young couple say. So he knows Brittney and their first two years of marriage. But every morning, his wife says she has to calmly tell him the same things do you remember that you had an accident and a concussion? Now you can only remember about four hours back in time. Today's date is so and so, and that noise you hear in the rest of the apartment is your parents, who came to live with us in May.

D Rose 7 White On Feet

"It's weird," said Clark, 28. "It's like a Adidas Climachill Rocket Boost Amazon

D Rose 7 White On Feet

D Rose 7 White On Feet

14. But when he gets to the bathroom, his toothbrush has changed. When he dresses, his old shoes are gone, replaced by a new pair. And when he steps outside expecting cold and brown, he sees summer's last green.

But Brittney says she soon found he was forgetting what she told him, and sometimes he would walk away in the middle of washing dishes and not come back.

D Rose 7 White On Feet

"I wake up and I think it's February. . I remember the grass it's cold, it's dead. But when I walk out it's all green."

D Rose 7 White On Feet

"I had not realized how bad it was," Flowers said. "Every morning it was, 'Dad, I'm glad to see you. I missed you.'"Clark's parents both retired military with a home in Colorado graduated from Bible college in Broken Arrow, Okla., in May.

really bad, weird dream.

D Rose 7 White On Feet

He remembers all of his life before he fell off a ladder and injured his Adidas Boost Basketball Shoes Release

D Rose 7 White On Feet

Alan Flowers, Clark's father, came in from Oklahoma for Adidas Climacool Experience Mens Trainers

The accident

D Rose 7 White On Feet

D Rose 7 White On Feet

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