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One such group of parents, whose kids attend school in the Madison City School District, have been meeting with district officials and communicating with state school board officials, airing their concerns and questions.

"Research has Adidas Boost 2017 Men

4 reasons parents want to opt kids out of standardized tests It's not just about Common Core

D Rose Englewood 5

"I reject the notion that we decide our educational fate by comparing a grade on a standardized test taken on a single day of a child's life and using that grade to dictate education policy," said Shea Spiers, who wants to opt her second grade son out of testing at his Madison City elementary school.

"This is certainly a large issue both within our state and our country."

D Rose Englewood 5

"There is a fairly small group of people within Madison I have been working closely with on this issue," said Brad Sparks, father of an 8 year old son who is in the third grade at a Madison City school. "However, Adidas Boost Red And Blue

shown over and over again the effect of socioeconomics has on education outcomes," said Spiers. "This not our overall ineffective education policy or lack of money in state budgets has by far the biggest impact on a child's Adidas Basketball Boost Low

"I've been told that the data collection will be limited to use by the state of Alabama or even Madison City Schools and won't be used for any reason other than determining the performance of our schools," said Sparks. "At this point, I don't trust that it would stop there in the future."

"In the future, they could be used to determine appropriate direction for my child as far as what he may or may not be suited to do, whether that's going to college or going into a career.

Alabama is no different.

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

success in school and in life. No set of standards will solve that problem."

"Telling me there is a limit of what it will be used for, to me, is not good enough at this point. I want to exercise my right as a parent to opt him out of the test to prevent collection of data on my child."

we have been using social media to communicate with other parents, primarily within the state of Alabama but also throughout the country, who have similar concerns and are discussing opting out, and discussing the problems we have with Common Core.

Here are four main reasons this group of Alabama parents have given for wanting to opt their children out of standardized testing, including the ACT Aspire test, new to Alabama this year and associated with the Common Core curriculum.

From New York to Georgia, parents who are unhappy with standardized testing and particularly with the testing associated with the Common Core curriculum are pressing school, district and state education officials for straightforward answers about testing and how results will be used.

D Rose Englewood 5

"The concern is, you start a program like this, and under current leadership you limit (the data's) use to this or that. But once the information has been captured and stored, in the future you could have another administration or group of leaders come in and decide they want to use D Rose Englewood 5 that information for something completely different.

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

D Rose Englewood 5

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